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Industrial Metal Lathe Machines

One of most common machines found in almost any machine shop or manufacturing facility is the lathe. That’s why we offer a large selection of industrial lathes for sale online. The simplest description of how a metal lathe machine works is to spin a part at a high rate of speed and use cutting tools to remove material from the object. There are so many things that are made with lathes, you have to wonder where we would be if these incredible machines were not invented? Almost everything you know of that is made of metal, has at one point been designed at least in a small way on a lathe. That is why this highly versatile and functional machine is considered the "mother of all machine tools."

The number of products that can be made with a lathe is endless. Aside from shaping a part, a lathe can assist with drilling, milling, and grinding. Throughout the country, lathes can be found in schools, machine shops, factories, or anywhere parts are being made. Each one is such a functional machine that it’s a "must have" for anyone who’s serious about manufacturing.

JSBESTECH is a professional machine tool supplier with over 15 years experience.Currently our major products include Metal Lathes (manual and CNC), Bench Grinders and Band Saws as well as Milling, Drilling and Grinding Machines; and their related accessories & can feel confident in trusting that our quality products will get the job done and will last for many years to come.


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